VEGETALIANA, Notes on Italian Vegetable-based Cuisine

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At the root of Italian cuisine there is a long tradition of vegetable ingredients. This is the subject of this book: looking at the Italian cuisine as an example of plant-based cooking, an invitation to a kitchen of renewed memory. The vegetable ingredients that have defined the Italian gastronomic identity are here used, together with a selection of newcomers, with the aim to bring balance, variety and taste to everyday cooking and to offer nutritional benefits that should not remain the exclusive privilege of vegetarians or vegans. The result is a fresh, lively, essential, inventive, light, tasty, colourful cuisine, extremely varied both in the procedures used and in the choice of ingredients. It is an optimal basis for the nutrition of all those who want to take care of their health, while respecting the environment in which we all live. It is an incentive to experiment with new flavours, to know the characteristics and properties of foods, which can also be useful to those who do not feel the need to completely abandon animal food, but who want to bring variety and balance into their daily diet. 

Extract from the book

[...] “This book is an invitation to experiment, without prejudices. For those who have chosen to follow a vegetarian diet, it is an invitation not to abandon the desire for the good taste of traditional cuisine. For those who are still very attached to tradition, it is an invitation not to be scandalised when seeing traditional dishes transformed by new ingredients, sometimes excluding ingredients that are considered fundamental. If you taste them, you might have some pleasant surprises! Anyone who learns the recipes from those with knowledge of the tradition knows very well that when a recipe is "fixed", it is already “betrayed a bit”, as Anna Gosetti della Salda rightly wrote. As a matter of fact, every house has its own, unique recipe for traditional dishes, which when eaten evoke a sense of home and belonging..…”[...]




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